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Technical Analysis Widget

See what the technical analysis says about a given symbol with our display ratings, made for easy viewing.

Market Overview Widget

Built for when you need to take a macro look at the markets. This widget works particularly well on homepages.

Market Data Widget

Grab an overview of global markets performance, including change values, Open, High, Low, and Close values for selected financial instruments.

Stock Market Widget

See the top five gaining, losing, and most active stocks for the day. It updates based on current market activity – so you'll always see the most relevant stocks.

Ticker Widget

Grab a horizontal glance at important instrument stats. You can display up to 15 different symbols with their latest price, plus daily change.

Ticker Tape Widget

Go all vintage Wall Street with our scrolling ticker tape. Embed this stock exchange-style running ticker in just a few clicks. Power suit and expensive watch, not required.

Single Ticker Widget

See the price and change percentage of your preferred symbol. Nothing else.

Mini Chart Widget

This little one lets you see a symbol's price and change percentages, alongside an even more stripped-back chart view.

Symbol Overview Widget

Embed quotes, plus a simple chart of a simple, single stock. A great in-depth option for any web or mobile-geared landing pages.

Symbol Info Widget

Scan key symbol info in an easy-to-read format. Company financials and quotes are also available at a glance.

Forex Cross Rates Widget

This one allows you to display real-time quotes of selected currencies in comparison to other major currencies.

Forex Heatmap Widget

Show off a snapshot of currency market action. This widget lets you spot strong and weak currencies and see how they compare to each other, all in real-time.

Screener Widget

Separate the wheat from the chaff with this embeddable Screener – handy for sorting symbols both by fundamental and technical indicators.

Cryptocurrency Market Widget

This widget displays crypto assets and then sorts them by their market capitalization.

Fundamental Data Widget

Kick the tires on the fundamentals with this deep dive into how a company is doing beyond simply its stock price.

Company Profile Widget

This handy little widget shows a company description along with key categories - sector & industry.